SD-WAN Technology Overview Webinar

By Vick Tagawa | 1 Min Read | 40 Min Video | Technical Level: Beginner

In this video, Sunset Learning’s Chief Technology Officer, Vick Tagawa, provides an overview of the SD-WAN technology and the challenges it was developed to solve. This session covers common use cases, deployment considerations, and examines a few popular vendor-centric implementation approaches.

By the end, participants should be able to:

  • List the key characteristics
  • Explain the drivers for SD-WAN
  • Discuss some considerations of deploying SD-WAN
  • Describe some of the different vendor approaches 


Key Topics:

  • About Sunset Learning – 0:19
  • SD-WAN Technology Overview – 4:05
  • SD-WAN Principles – 8:36
  • SD-WAN Characteristics – 16:25
  • SD-WAN Approaches – 20:58
  • Vendor Perspectives – 25:20
  • SD-WAN Considerations – 32:00
  • Summary & Discussion – 38:53


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Instructor Bio:

Vick has over 30 years of training and IT industry experience. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and has earned technology vendor certifications on Unix, Novell Netware, Microsoft, and Cisco. He certified as a Certified Cisco Systems Instructor in 1997 and has maintained his CCIE certification since 2001.

SD-WAN Technology Overview


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