Terms & Conditions

100% Guarantee

We at Sunset Learning Institute (SLI) strive to provide our students with the highest quality training and service.  Our award-winning instructors are dedicated to making your experience the best in the business.

Cancellations, Substitutions, and Reschedules for Public ILT Classes

We understand that there are reasons that are beyond control that may cause our students to either cancel or reschedule their course enrollment. For any cancellations, substitutions or reschedules, written notice must be given to Sunset Learning immediately. Any student that chooses to reschedule will be given a 6 month time frame to attend a new training date.

Reschedule Policy

If a student chooses to reschedule their enrollment more than 28 days prior to the start of class, we will do so with no penalty. If a student chooses to reschedule less than 28 days prior to the training start date they will be subject to a reschedule fee.  The fee will depend on the class and the timing. 

Cancellation Policy

For cancellation notice received more than fifteen business days prior to the class date, students may receive either a full refund or reschedule into another class date. For cancellation notice less than fifteen business days prior to the class start date, students will receive an SLI voucher in the amount of the paid tuition to use for the same course up to a six months time frame and will be automatically put onto the wait list of the course of their choice and granted final admission five business days prior to class start day based on enrollment levels.

Student substitutions may be made at any time prior to the class start date. SLI recommends that students substitutions instead of cancellation. Failure to attend without written notice to SLI prior to the class start date will be considered a no show and will result in forfeiture of the full course price. SLI reserves the right to reschedule a course at any time.

If for any reason a student attending an SLI class is not satisfied with their training experience, they are required to notify SLI in writing no later than close of business on the second day of class during their training week.  Any student attending class beyond the second day of class without notifying SLI is not eligible for any form of recompense with regard to satisfaction.

Training Location Options & Changes

Here are our three different delivery options for which you can attend training; attend at one of our established locations, attend via virtual remote using our gear, attend via virtual remote using your own gear.

If you decide to change training locations or HD-ILT modalities within 2 weeks of class start date, there will be a $300 change fee.  The fee will need to be paid prior to making any changes.

NEXT On-Demand

  • Access is solely for the original registered attendee and may not be shared among users. Abuse of this will result in immediate termination of the NEXT Membership. 
  • Membership begins at the time of purchase and is valid for 365 days. 
  • Purchases are non-refundable. 

The above cancellation policy is no longer valid once a student begins using NEXT resources within the NEXT Learning Community, regardless of the class date.  Membership begins at the time of purchase and is valid for 365 days. 

Classroom Training Tuition & Schedule

Tuition fees cover all course materials, refreshments, and Course Certificate of Completion. Parking expenses incurred in any SLI delivery locations are not included in tuition fees and are the responsibility of the student. It is important to confirm specific details regarding the class schedule, including standard classroom training start times, if not already confirmed in your pre-class correspondence. Please note that Bootcamps have extended hours.

Payment Policy for Training

Prior to attending any Sunset Leaning Institute training session a valid and acceptable form of payment must be received. Sunset Learning gladly accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Diners Club), checks, wire transfers, and corporate purchase orders (with credit approval). Company-issued Purchase Orders for three (3) student registrations or less are also accepted with the understanding that a credit card is required to secure registration as a backup. In the situation that a student is unable to attend training and does not supply sufficient notification (fifteen business days in writing) as stated in our cancellation and reschedule policy, this credit card will be charged the registered value of the training. Any Company Purchase Order for three (3) student registrations or less provided as payment with no credit card as a backup is considered a wait-listed enrollment. Wait-listed students will be granted admission five (5) business days prior to class start based on enrollment availability.

Sunset Learning Institute provides training only to individuals sponsored by an employer (business, government agency, etc.) and individual members of the public are not allowed to register directly for classes.  In addition, the sponsoring employer must pay for training directly.  An individual may not pay for a class and then be reimbursed by his/her employer.

Pricing, registration terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. Classroom Learning programs are available only to employer-sponsored trainees. SLI reserves the right to refuse credit or services to anyone at its discretion. If you have questions regarding our credit policies please contact us at 888.888.5251.

Cisco Learning Credits – In conjunction with Cisco, Sunset Learning is able to help you utilize your Cisco Learning Credits. Please note, if you are registering with Cisco Learning Credits on the SLI website there will be an additional step to register. Once you complete your registration through SLI, a sales rep will be in touch. If paying with CLC’s taxes may be applied upon checkout.


By accepting SLI Terms and Conditions, the individual listed (the “registrant”) certifies that he/she is authorized to obligate his/her company to pay for the student(s) registered to attend the course(s).

The registrant fully understands the cancellation policy and agrees to the terms herein. In the event of default, the registrant’s company will be responsible for reasonable costs of collections including attorney’s fees and interest.

Business to Business

As a business-to-business knowledge solutions provider, SLI provides services only to customers that are sponsored by an employer, such as a business, government agency, or nonprofit organization. Individual members of the public are not allowed to register directly with SLI for our services.