Meet the Team

Here at Sunset Learning Institute our instructors truly make the difference! 

SLI’s instructors hold the most respected certifications in the networking industry. To enable our instructors to be true experts in their field, we have developed an instructor specialization program. Each instructor is assigned as the resident expert for a specific technology area and is responsible for enhancing the existing curriculum to best fit the needs of our customers. By having such focus, our instructors excel in training delivery and development.

Trace Files

Maren Mahoney

Technical instructoR/Ccie

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Italy (especially Florence & the Sistine Chapel)

Best Concert I’ve Been To:
I was never a concert goer, but I’ve been to TED and TEDx sessions and I’d do that again in a heartbeat!

Favorite Sports Team:
Go Vikings!

“Maren was possibly the most enthusiastic instructor I have ever encountered in all my training. She seemed to be very comfortable with training this subject.” – Roger, Network Engineer

Mike Keutzer

Technical instructoR

Hobbies Outside of Work:
Working on cars, keeping bees, tractor-time

Favorite Movie of All Time:
Blazing Saddles

Best Concert I’ve Been To:
Grateful Dead
Rainbow Theater, London, 1981

“The class was incredible. Mike is the best instructor I have had to this day. He really broke the material down so you could get the whole picture. He was also sure to bring your environment into the training so you could see how it all applied to your day to day life. I appreciate the opportunity to come and learn and I am for sure this will help launch my career.” – Nicholas, Network Operations

John Meersma

Technical instructoR

Favorite Hobby Outside of Work:

Favorite Movie of all Time:
Top Gun

Favorite Sports Team:
Dallas Cowboys

“John is probably the best instructorsI have seen over my 20 years in IT training. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about his job. Two thumbs up!!!!”  – Tad, Systems Admin

Russell Hughes

Technical instructoR

Best Concert I’ve Been To:
Prince & Pink Floyd

Favorite Place I’ve Been:
Galway, Ireland

Favorite Sports Team:
Nebraska Huskers

“Russell is a great instructor. He involved the class throughout the course and never hesitated to provide deeper explanations whenever there were questions. He also did a great job showing feeling and excitement, keeping the class interested, rather than just dictating a course from a script.”  – Brett, Systems Engineer


Tuan Nguyen

Technical instructoR/Ccie

Favorite Place I’ve Been:
Rome, Italy

Biggest Accomplishment:
Getting my CCIE in 1996

Favorite Sports Team:
Denver Broncos

“Tuan is an effective and engaging instructor. He clearly knows what he is talking about and is able to disseminate the information in an interesting and engaging manner.” – JL, Operations Engineer


Andrew Stibbards

Technical instructoR

If I Won the Lottery, I Would:
Go back to work on Monday, it takes time to setup trusts and accounts, can’t stop working right away.

Favorite Concert:

Favorite Movie:
Blazing Saddles or
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

“Andrew is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. His knowledge of the course was great; he explained every little thing in detail without skipping making sure that we understand the concept of everything instead of just completing the course. He answered all of our questions in detail and made sure that we understood everything. Thanks Andrew!” – Sharjeel, Field Engineer


Bruce Wilkinson

Technical instructoR

Favorite Place I’ve Been:
Tae Kwon Do-I’m a third-degree black belt

Favorite Part About Working for SLI:

If I Won the Lottery Tomorrow, I Would:
Go home first class

“The class was MUCH more than I thought it would be. Great course, fantastic instructor, and I loved the way the labs were written in a human aspect. The instructor, Bruce, was wonderful and extremely helpful.”   – Christine, Systems Engineer


Mark Wilson

Technical instructoR

Biggest Accomplishment:
The fact that I have such a great family and great friends speaks more for me than anything else
Favorite Movies:
The Philadelphia Story
Favorite Place:
The top of the Tooth of Time watching the
sunrise with my kids

“Mark is very knowledgeable and engaging with the way he runs the class. Amazing work as always!!!”  – Ian, Systems Engineer

Ben Nguyen

Technical instructoR

“Ben knows the material and is able to present it with enthusiasm. He is able to handle questions at this level very well.” -Mark, Systems Engineer


John Gardner

Technical instructoR

Hobbies Outside of Work:
Playing keyboard and guitar/Hiking and camping with my son

Favorite Sport:

Biggest Accomplishment:
Becoming a father

Very knowledgeable and understood the product very well. Could answer questions and understood a lot of the other technology around the products.” -Brian, Systems Engineer