AWS Training

AWS training teaches in-demand cloud skills and best practices you can use right away to help advance your career, stay up to date, and innovate in the cloud. Many courses also include hands-on labs, which allow learners to practice skills in a sandbox to solidify knowledge. Training also helps prepare learners to take AWS Certification exams, which validate technical skills and expertise with industry-recognized credentials.​

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AWS Skillbuilder

AWS Skill Builder provides a comprehensive and evolving collection of training resources, empowering individuals and organizations to develop in-demand cloud skills and expertise.

AWS Essentials

These courses provide a foundational understanding of AWS cloud platform, covering basic concepts, core AWS services, and basic architecture principles for beginners.

AWS Architecture

Focused on designing scalable, elastic, secure, and highly available systems on AWS, these courses teach best practices and architectural patterns for building complex cloud infrastructure.

AWS Developer

Empower your cloud development journey with our AWS Developer training, offering deep dives into creating scalable, high-performing applications on AWS.

AWS Operations & Security

This training focuses on managing and operating AWS environments securely, covering monitoring, compliance, security controls, and best practices for AWS operations.

AWS Big Data & Storage

Dedicated to handling massive datasets, these courses explore AWS data storage, analytics, and data processing technologies, teaching how to leverage services like Redshift, RDS, and Glue for big data solutions.

Amazon Connect

Learn to utilize Amazon's cloud-based contact center service to improve customer support and engagement through a mix of practical exercises, theoretical knowledge, and hands-on experience with the platform.

AWS Jams

Interactive, challenge-based learning events designed to enhance cloud skills and competencies in a gamified environment. Get hands-on experience, enabling you to apply AWS technologies to solve real-world problems.

AWS Team Training Bundles

Unleash your team’s potential with our exclusive AWS Team Training Bundles from Sunset Learning. Unbeatable pricing for teams starting at only 5 people!

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AWS Blogs

Amazon Connect Contact Lens

By Jed Demeule | 90 Minute Video Contact Lens, a feature of Amazon Connect, helps you follow the sentiment and trends of customer conversations in real-time to identify the crucial company and product feedback. You can also track the agent

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Deploying an Amazon Connect Instance

By Jed Demeule | 41 Minute Video In this session, you will learn how to create an AWS account and then provision an Amazon Connect instance. Then you will perform a basic configuration of Amazon Connect and dial in from

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Why AWS Training and Certification

70% of IT Professionals

who took training to prepare for certifications said they were more effective at work.

90% of IT Decision Makers

report cloud skills shortages.

97% of Organizations

indicated that the employment of AWS Certified staff puts their company in a better competitive position over the next three to five years.

96% of Organizations

agree their decision to certify cloud-focused staff on AWS has improved retention.

86% of Organizations

reported improved security of cloud workloads after staff became AWS Certified.

Organizations across the globe are seeking individuals skilled in the transformative technologies of the cloud. To meet this growing demand, AWS Training and Certification equips the builders of today and tomorrow—experts and novices, practitioners and partners—with the knowledge they need to realize their cloud goals.

Designed by the innovators at AWS, our training supports learners of all skill levels and our certifications validate expertise. We’re also upskilling and reskilling workforces through education programs that help businesses tap into a pool of diverse talent. It’s how AWS Training and Certification helps individuals and organizations leverage the power of the AWS Cloud.