Managed Learning Services

Organizational Advantage of Outsourcing Learning

It has long been a trend in business to outsource certain functions. Outsourcing payroll, IT, recruiting, and other functions enables internal resources to maintain focus on core business functions. Expanding the reach of that trend, an increasing number of organizations are outsourcing their learning and training needs. Research journals and articles spanning the last decade document an evolving trend knows as Learning Outsourcing: managing your organization’s education needs through a learning or training services provider.

Most organizations face similar challenges: tight budgets, reduced resources, and continuously changing technologies, as well as the inefficiencies, inconsistencies, redundancies of internal learning efforts that focus on the tactical needs of individual departments. So when they turn to a Managed Learning Service solution, organizations are seeking ways to streamline processes, improve learner experience and receive the best learning value for their budget.


SLI Managed Learning Services supports rapidly changing corporate business objectives by efficiently and cost effectively producing learning at the speed of organizational change.

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Do you find it increasingly challenging to keep up with learning solutions such as onboarding, upskilling, and reskilling, in a rapidly changing environment while striving to remain relevant and competitive?

The gap between skill demands and the current capabilities of your team can widen quickly. This video takes a look into how LaaS can future-proof your workforce, making continuous learning accessible and personalized. Learn to leverage LaaS for cost savings, scalability, and enhanced productivity, positioning your organization as an industry leader.

Benefits of Managed Learning Services

Organizational Efficiency

Keep employees and departments focused on core business functions.

Objective-Focused Business Strategy

Align internal learning teams’ efforts with business objectives, so they support the whole organization.

Controlled Training Costs

Manage to and work within a fixed budget.

Broad Range and Depth of Experience

Augment the limited skills and competencies of internal teams with resources that provide a wide and breadth of learning experiences.

Efficient eLearning Content Development

Leverage resources to build and develop online learning without straining internal learning teams.

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