Custom and Private Technical Training


SLI offers a comprehensive and convenient solution for your private technical training needs, enabling you to enhance the skills and knowledge of your staff right at your own premises. By choosing SLI, you eliminate the need for employees to travel off-site for their training, which not only saves valuable time but also significantly reduces expenses related to accommodation, transportation, and other travel-related costs.

To get started, simply inform us about the specific technical courses you’re interested in for your team’s training and development. We cater to a wide range of technical subjects, ensuring that your team receives the most up-to-date and relevant instruction. Additionally, let us know the number of participants expected to attend the training. With this information, SLI will handle all aspects of organizing and delivering the training sessions directly at your location.

Our approach is designed to provide a hassle-free experience for you. From preparing comprehensive course materials to providing expert instructors, we ensure that every aspect of the training is managed efficiently. Our aim is to offer a tailored training solution that meets your specific needs, ensuring your team gains the skills necessary to thrive in today’s competitive environment.



Throughout the years we have developed many custom technical training courses based on our customer’s training requirements and specific Cisco solutions while adapting training to various levels of engineer experience to ensure that everyone gets what they need out of the training.

The possibilities are endless when considering a custom technical training session. Our developers and instructors have the experience to create and execute your ideal training solution. The most apparent benefits for our customers who attend our custom courses include, minimizing time spent out of the office while maximizing knowledge gained for the engineers about their specific solutions to improve efficiency.

For examples of custom staff training and development we have done, please visit our Case Studies page.

To learn more about private or custom technical training, email or call us at 888.888.5251.