Custom and Private Technical Training


SLI can deliver any of our private technical training courses at your location, saving you time away from the office, not to mention expenses associated with travel. All you need to do is tell us what courses you would like delivered for staff training and development at your site and the number of students we will take care of the rest for your private technical training.



Throughout the years we have developed many custom technical training courses based on our customer’s training requirements and specific Cisco solutions while adapting training to various levels of engineer experience to ensure that everyone gets what they need out of the training.

The possibilities are endless when considering a custom technical training session. Our developers and instructors have the experience to create and execute your ideal training solution. The most apparent benefits for our customers who attend our custom courses include, minimizing time spent out of the office while maximizing knowledge gained for the engineers about their specific solutions to improve efficiency.

For examples of custom staff training and development we have done, please visit our Case Studies page.

To learn more about private or custom technical training, email or call us at 888.888.5251.