Course Content Creation

Effective training goes beyond just delivering lectures; it’s about creating impactful and engaging course content. That’s why we offer specialized course content creation designed to transform your vision into a well-structured, comprehensive training program.

Content Development for Training Services:

  • Professionally-Designed Graphics
    • Company standard templates and icons to craft visually compelling graphics that not only look good but also enhance learner comprehension.
  • Comprehensive Facilitation Notes
    • Detailed facilitation notes with course materials, pinpointing areas that require particular emphasis, serving as a roadmap for instructors to deliver impactful lessons.
  • Instructor Guides
    • Comprehensive instructor guides and transitions, ensuring a smooth and natural flow of dialogue and activity during training sessions.
  • Summary and Review
    • Summary statements and review questions at the end of each module serve as a refresher and an assessment opportunity to solidify the learning experience.

Transform The Way You Train and Educate

Our content development for training services turns your educational blueprints into actionable, impactful courses. Your future learners are waiting for an engaging experience. Make it happen with Sunset Learning.


Tour our showcase that demonstrates SLI’s multimedia capabilities, scaling from simple to complex to meet the needs of our clients.
Our showcase includes samples of animation, infographics, instructor guides, video recordings, and much more!

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