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SLI hosts a series of virtual, interactive sessions for customers, instructors & SME’s to engage on a variety of topics, driven by our members. Most sessions are recorded and archived for future viewing. Session Types: new featured topics, exam prep & guidance, lab demos, how-to videos, foundations training, product comparisons, etc.

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AWS Discovery Day

AWS Discovery Day is a complimentary 3-hour course designed to introduce AWS cloud computing concepts and foundational infrastructure services. The event is particularly relevant for customers who have recently signed up with AWS, or for those who simply want to grasp the basics of the AWS cloud platform.


AWS Discovery Day: Strategies and Tools to Perform Large-Scale Migrations

Learn about the AWS strategy and best practices for performing large-scale cloud migrations. Built from the experiences of helping hundreds of enterprise organizations move to the cloud, these proven techniques and tools will help accelerate your successful journey to the AWS Cloud.


AWS Discovery Day: Securing Your AWS Cloud

Whether you are thinking of migrating to the AWS Cloud or already have a workload running on AWS, securing your data and resources should be at the top of the list. This event introduces several AWS services that you can use to improve your current security posture. 


AWS Discovery Day: Machine Learning Basics

Are you interested in machine learning, but not sure where to start? Join us for this session with an AWS expert and demystify the basics. Using real-world examples, you’ll learn about important concepts, terminology, and the phases of a machine-learning pipeline. Learn how you can unlock new insights and value for your business using machine learning.


Making Your Network Safe for the Cloud: Enhancing AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud with Network+

Join Sunset Learning and CompTIA’s Chief Technology Evangelist, Dr. James Stanger as we explore the deep integration of networking to optimize and secure cloud deployments across major platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. This webinar will dive into the essential networking skills needed today to effectively support cloud infrastructure, emphasizing the tools and techniques crucial for success in cloud, networking, and cybersecurity roles.


Unified Insights: Applying Analytics to Enhance Webex and On-Premise UC Deployments

In this session, we will demonstrate how to harness the comprehensive analytics provided by Cisco Webex Control Hub to effectively manage both on-premise and cloud-based Webex services.


Leveraging ITIL for Cloud Service Optimization and Cost Management

IT service management is one of the most important sets of skills for managing cloud services. ITIL specifically focuses on managing services in and through the cloud. What are the critical elements needed to manage Cloud services? What are the most common mistakes and how does ITIL help us to avoid them?


Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900)

The course is designed to build awareness of common AI workloads and the ability to identify Azure services to support them.


Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)

This course will provide foundational level knowledge on cloud concepts; core Azure services; and Azure management and governance features and tools.


Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals (DP-900)

Students will learn about core data concepts such as relational, non-relational, big data, and analytics, and build their foundational knowledge of cloud data services within Microsoft Azure.


Microsoft Security; Compliance; and Identity Fundamentals (SC-900)

In this course students will learn the various security, compliance, and identity concepts. After attending you will be able to describe the capabilities of Microsoft’s identity and access management solutions and Microsoft security and compliance solutions.

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