Premium eLearning Content Development Services

At Sunset Learning, we recognize your desire for effective outcomes and adaptable, user-friendly accessibility. That’s why our tailored eLearning development services are in demand by organizations across various industries and of varying sizes.


Our Process – Expert Design From Start to Finish

Our experienced team will listen to your education objectives and prepare the material for an immersive digital learning experience.

Sunset Learning experts will organize your syllabus into digestible chunks that are student-friendly and effective. Our eLearning content development services can include rich interactive media types, new scripts, and enhancements like professional voice talent, graphics, and interactions. We can also evaluate any existing ILT content to perform eLearning conversion.

Whatever your educational goals are, Sunset Learning will craft a professional and effective eLearning experience that exceeds your expected outcomes.

eLearning Enhancement Options

Cartoon Style Animations
Cartoon-style animations are characterized by exaggerated, simplified characters, vibrant colors, humor, and expressive visual elements like caricature and anthropomorphism. They often use playful sound effects and fluid, exaggerated movements to create a lighthearted and engaging visual experience.
Cartoon Panels
Individual frames or segments within a comic strip or graphic novel that contain visual and sometimes textual elements to convey a specific moment, action, or dialogue. These panels are arranged sequentially to tell a story, with each panel serving as a snapshot of the narrative's progression.
Voice Over Animated PowerPoint
A dynamic instructional tool that combines voice narration with animated visuals in PowerPoint slides to deliver educational content. It enhances the learning experience by providing spoken explanations, commentary, or instruction synchronized with the on-screen animations, graphics, and text to engage and educate the audience effectively.
Full Motion Animation
A method of creating educational content that incorporates continuous, fluid motion and video-like sequences to convey information and engage learners. It employs video or animation to demonstrate concepts, processes, or scenarios, making it a highly immersive and effective tool for eLearning by providing real-life visual experiences and simulations.
Meet the Expert Videos
Short video segments featuring subject matter experts or professionals. These videos are designed to introduce learners to experts in a particular field, who share insights, knowledge, or experiences related to the eLearning course's topic. They offer learners a valuable perspective and real-world context, enhancing the educational experience and promoting engagement.
Configuration Demos
These demos guide learners through the process of configuring various settings and options, helping them understand how to use a specific tool or platform effectively. Configuration demos are particularly useful for teaching hands-on technical skills and ensuring learners can proficiently use the software or system in question.
A convenient and flexible way for learners to access and consume educational content, making them suitable for self-paced learning. Podcasts often feature experts, discussions, and engaging narratives, offering an additional dimension to the eLearning experience by facilitating auditory learning and complementing traditional text-based or visual learning materials.
Animated Graphics
Animation techniques to enhance understanding and engagement. These graphics include dynamic illustrations, diagrams, charts, and infographics that move, change, or transition to visually explain complex concepts, making the learning process more interactive and effective.
Assessment tools designed to evaluate learners' understanding and retention of course material. These interactive assessments typically consist of a series of questions, which can be in various formats such as multiple-choice, true/false, or open-ended, and are used to reinforce learning and gauge knowledge and progress.
Interactions are engaging activities like discussions, simulations, and assessments that encourage active participation and deeper understanding, enhancing the overall learning experience.
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