New At SLI

AI for Business Leaders

Sunset Learning Institute offers innovative AI and Data workforce enablement programs for all business units including technical and non-technical roles. This current program initiative supports executive roles and leadership across all industries including state and federal government agencies.

DevOps Training

DevOps training is crucial as it equips professionals with the collaborative and automation skills needed to streamline software development and IT operations, fostering a culture of efficiency, agility, and continuous improvement in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

UCS X-Series Deploy, Operate, Troubleshoot

Check out our new class designed for Cisco customers, internal and Partner SEs/FEs looking to deploy the UCS X9508 chassis, X210c/ X410c compute nodes, and 6400/6500 Series Fabric Interconnects. This course course enables participants to deploy, troubleshoot, and operate a UCS X-Series production installation.

Optimizing Cisco Meraki Hybrid Networks

Through practical hands-on instruction and experience, you will learn best practices for the deployment of Meraki and hybrid solutions, and be able to configure, and troubleshoot Meraki cloud-based and hybrid networks using the Meraki Dashboard and analytics as well as third-party tools.

Webex Contact Center

Sunset Learning has developed a 4-day, hands-on, instructor-led training intended for administrators, team leads, workflow analysts, systems engineers, and Cisco partners requiring Day 2 support of the Webex Contact Center environment.

Amazon Connect

Sunset Learning has developed a 4-day, hands-on, instructor-led training intended for administrators, systems engineers, and AWS partners. This lab-intensive course enables learners to implement Amazon Connect as a cloud-native Contact Center.

Microsoft Portfolio Expanded

Sunset Learning has expanded our Microsoft portfolio with new additions like Data and AI, Modern Workplace, and Security. See our full portfolio and learn how you can attend free Microsoft Foundational training.

Agile and Scrum

Mastering Agile and Scrum methodologies within IT teams is essential for navigating the complex and rapidly changing landscape of technology. Learn how to provide a structured yet flexible framework to collaborate effectively, manage tasks efficiently, and deliver high-quality software solutions in a timely manner

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Unlock the Power of Copilot and OpenAI with Prompt Engineering

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