Firewall Troubleshooting – Behind the Scenes of the Next-Generation Firewall

By Lars Meyer | 55 Min Video

Ever wondered why certain traffic doesn’t show up in the logs? Watch this video for a behind-the-scenes look at the Next-Generation Firewall. Lars Meyer, Technical Director at Consigas and a seasoned Technical Director with over 13 years of Palo Alto expertise, gives a deep dive into the Next-Generation Firewall’s architecture and uncovers the secrets of troubleshooting. We explain the underlying architecture of the Next-Generation Firewall and what happens to a packet when it’s being processed. After watching, you’ll grasp the nuances behind traffic blocking and gain clarity on those elusive log entries. Perfect for Firewall administrators seeking to enhance their troubleshooting skills!


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Instructor Bio:

Lars Meyer, Technical Directory at Consigas, Lars has been working exclusively with Palo Alto Networks solutions for more than 13 years, both as a solution architect and an instructor. With this, he brings a wealth of real-life experience and best practices with him into the classroom. This and his energetic love for technology make his training a unique experience.

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