Development Tools

The Sunset Learning Advantage

We work with the client’s subject matter experts (SMEs) and representatives of the target audience to define overall course goals, learning objectives, learning activities and assessment strategies on training for business development. The deliverable is most commonly a High-level Design Document or a detailed course outline. Services include these components:

  • Identify the overall course goals, course length, and prerequisite knowledge and experience
  • Develop learning objectives and expected outcomes
  • Create a detailed content outline
  • Apply instructional methodology to identify exercises and labs
  • Determine the delivery requirements and instructor requirements
  • Specify required support materials and equipment topologies
  • Identify learning assessment strategy

Another development tool we provide is content creation from an approved Design Document or a detailed course outline to create PPT graphics and associated facilitation/student notes. Deliverables are most commonly in classroom-ready PPT or DOC formats. Services include:

  • Create graphics using company standard templates and icons
  • Add facilitation notes with points of emphasis
  • Develop instructor guides with transitions
  • Create summary statements and review questions

We perform rapid eLearning conversion of Instructor-led training courses into reusable learning objects accessible via a Web interface as a development tool. Our staff uses common applications, such as Camtasia or Captivate to create Flash-based learning materials to provide training for business development. Services include:

  • Analyze existing ILT content if it exists
  • Organize the content into reasonable length “chunks” or lessons
  • Create scripts and linkages
  • Record and edit audio narration using professional voice talent
  • Create videos, simulations, and animations to enhance the learning content
  • Produce eLearning utilizing standard production tools
  • Review cycles, corrections, and updates
  • Media Types
    • Cartoon Style Animations
    • Cartoon Panels
    • Voice Over Animated PPT
    • Full Motion Animation
    • Meet the Expert Videos
    • Configuration Demos
    • Podcasts
    • Animated Graphics
    • Quizzes
    • Interactions

We work from an approved Design Document or a detailed course outline to create task-oriented lab activities that address specific learning objectives in training for business development. Deliverables for this development tool are most commonly in DOC format with embedded screen captures and in-line questioning to verify understanding.

We perform pre- and post-content development tasks associated with the creation of an overall learning product as part of our development tools. This activity encompasses all aspects of the “production process” with deliverables being available in PPT, DOC, PDF, HTML and video formats.

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