Troubleshooting Collaboration with the CUCM Dialed Number Analyzer (DNA) & Route Plan Report

By Maren Mahoney | 46 Min Video

For complex dial plans, especially in a globalized call routing environment, troubleshooting digit manipulation and call path can be difficult. This session will show how to use the output of the Dialed Number Analyzer and the Route Plan Report to troubleshoot inbound and outbound calls. This will include a detailed analysis of how digit manipulation works in CUCM.


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Instructor Bio:


Maren joined SLI in 2008 as a technical instructor focusing on the Unified Communications curriculum. In addition to a CCSI, Maren holds current Enterprise and Data Center certifications and was awarded the CCIE Collaboration certification in 2015. Maren is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). Maren was named a Cisco Designated VIP in 2019 and 2020. She achieved this recognition by actively participating in Cisco’s online support forums, sharing her IP Telephony expertise, and presenting Cisco webinars attended by engineers worldwide.

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