Following a Call Through ICM and CVP

Following a Call Through ICM and CVP

By Marty Griffin | 1 Min Read | 41 Min Video

In this video, Sunset Learning Institute Contact Center Specialized Instructor Marty Griffin demonstrates in great detail different scenarios for:

  • The call arriving at ICM and starting a script
  • How the call is transferred to CVP for interaction with the caller
  • How the call is transferred to a contact center agent

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Instructor Bio:

Marty Griffin has been involved in the contact center space for over 30 years. He started at the birthplace of call centers – Omaha Nebraska. Marty was operations manager for the new Northwester Bell call center business which contributed 19% of all annual business revenue for a 5-state region. He is currently employed by Sunset Learning as a technical instructor. Marty specializes in the development and delivery of Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise and Cisco Unified Contact Center Express courses.


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