Collecting CCE Log Files

By Mike Keutzer | 43 Min Video

Knowing how to pull log files from key CCE components is half the battle in troubleshooting. This session will explore a few of the tools which can be used to pull CCE log files including the Diagnostic Framework Portico, Analysis Manager (RTMT), dump log, and the log collection tool in the SPOG. After watching this video, you will be able to use your favorite tool to gather log files.


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Instructor Bio:

log files

Mike Keutzer has been involved in information systems for almost 30 years. His IT career started in the Marine Corps where he spent 8 years as a computer technician working on radar defense systems. He carried that experience to 20+ years of work in the private sector. After leaving the military Mike spent time working as a technician maintaining computers and printers, managing and supporting Mainframe, AS/400, Novell, UNIX, Mac, and Windows networks –mostly within the world of Contact (Call) Center environments.

In 2019, Mike finished the development of the current (v11) Enterprise Chat & Email course for Cisco, which has a successful following. Plans are underway to upgrade the course to v12. Speaking of CCE v12, Mike is currently involved –with other SLI team members –to revamp the UCCE courseware content. According to plans, 6 newly updated CCE courses will be added to the Cisco repository by the end of 2020, all based on Packaged CCE (PCCE).

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