What is OpenAI and Why Should You Care? An Introduction to the World’s Leading AI

By Arturo Hamilton | 52 Min Video

This webinar teaches you about OpenAI technologies, especially GPT-3, a powerful generative model. Learn the basics and the applications of GPT-3, the ethics and innovations of OpenAI, and how to use and interact with OpenAI in different scenarios. This webinar on OpenAI provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the technologies developed by OpenAI, with a specific focus on generative models such as GPT-3. We address everything from architecture fundamentals to practical applications, ethical challenges, and recent advances.

Enroll in this OpenAI workshop that goes more in-depth on this topic.

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Instructor Bio:

Arturo Hamilton is a Multi-cloud Professional IT & Cybersecurity Architect and, authorized technical trainer who has focused the last years of his professional career on teaching Cloud technologies and sharing his experience as a consultant for multiple organizations around different countries. Arturo has been working as an in-place and remote consultant for projects split around India, the USA, the UK, Mexico, and LATAM.

With more than 18 years of real-world professional experience, currently, Arturo is currently dedicated to his training responsibilities, imparting professional-level cloud & cybersecurity courses across different CPLS partnerships; besides his training duties, Arturo is also combining his time working on organizational projects where he is performing as a Cloud Architect & Cybersecurity consultant partner.

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