Virtual Machines to Instances: AWS Cloud Migration Techniques and Tools

By Ted Trentler | 7 Min Read

There are many reasons why companies migrate to the cloud. Increased scalability, cost-effectiveness, and an extremely reliable, secure infrastructure are just a few. While the vast majority of workloads are still based on-premises, according to Synergy Research Group, cloud infrastructure spending outpaced on-premises spending for the first time in 2020. This paper focuses on the tools and processes that can be utilized to assist in migrating from VMware virtual machines to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Instances, with a specific focus on the decision to lift and shift or rehost VMware virtual machines to AWS as a cloud provider.


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virtual machinesPrior to focusing on training, he worked in the field for over 15 years in a variety of systems and network engineering roles. For the last 14 years, his focus has been the delivery of technical training and the development of course content for large enterprises such as Cisco and AWS. Ted has a broad perspective across server, network, and collaboration technologies from working in contract roles for dozens of companies. As well as explaining the hands-on details of each technology he teaches, his key role in explaining the big picture of how all the technologies fit together in real-world deployments, and the best practices for deployment.


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