Using BGP Community Strings to Influence Routing

By Russell Hughes | 38 Min Video

In this webinar, we’ll have a discussion of using BGP Community Strings to influence Routing by setting and matching BGP Community Strings and creating a Community-list. After attending this session with Russell Hughes, you will be able to understand and use Community strings.


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Instructor Bio:

Community StringsRussell has over 25 years of experience in the field of networking and 20 years as an instructor. He has delivered courses for SLI, formerly CCTI, for fourteen years, specializing in security, content networking, and Voice over IP solutions. Russell started his career in the IT industry as a systems administrator, where he was in charge of daily maintenance of Windows servers, backup solutions, and e-mail. He helped design and build a remote classroom lab solution that allowed CCTI/SLI to deliver Cisco courses anywhere in the world without the need to ship Cisco equipment. Russell currently teaches CCNA and CCNP level courses, with expertise in content networking, IPv6, BGP, and Data Center areas.

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