UCSX 5th Generation Update

By John Gardner | 50 Min Video

In this session, we will be covering the recently released UCS-X 5th Generation equipment updates. This includes an update to the IFM (Intelligent Fabric Module), XFM (Cross Fabric Module), Fabric Interconnects, VICs (Virtual Interface Card), and the new x440P node. After watching this video, you will be able to discuss the new updates for the UCS-X series compute, chassis, and network equipment.


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Instructor Bio:


As a specialist in the data center space, John provides consulting, implementation, and support for Cisco data center infrastructures. In addition to his CCSI, he holds CCNP certifications in the Cisco Data Center, Cloud and Service Provider spaces, and CCNP Cyber Ops, and can deliver the FP200 course for Cisco HTD and firepower security training. John has developed full data center labs for Cisco Nexus and ACI products, created data center derivative works courseware, and has recorded several Data Center videos for Cisco eLearning products. His broad experience will help us continue to grow and deliver outstanding product options to our customers.

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