UCCEIS Exam Prep – Recorded Webinar

By Mark Wilson | 45 Min Video
Technical Level: Beginner

Join SLI instructor, Mark Wilson, as he explains key topics in the UCCEIS exam. This session will review the UCCEIS exam topic list and will point to specific references helpful to prepare for the exam. He will also cover key points to use when preparing for the UCCEIS exam, UCCE versions, and a list of documents and sources that may be helpful.


However, he will NOT provide specific points, questions or details about the exam, guarantee that Cisco hasn’t modified the exam to make this information obsolete, violate Cisco policy, or cover the UCCED exam.


Key Ideas:

  • Introduction (0:18)
  • References (2:30)
  • Exam Topic List (8:50)
  • Topics (10:03 – 35:35)
    • #1 (10:03)
    • #2 (19:18)
    • #3 (25:42)
    • #4 (32:13)
    • #5 (32:54)
    • #6 (34:52)
    • #7 (35:35)
  • Other References (36:38)


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Instructor Bio:

Mark Wilson’s first job in the IT industry was in the mid-1990s after college and a few years in the Army. His experience started with hardware and desktop support, eventually migrating to Server and LAN Administration and developing cable modem systems and ISP Services. Mark then joined SLI (named CCTI at the time) in 1999 teaching Cisco courses on routing and dial-up networking (yes –analog modems). He feels that he got into voice backwards by teaching courses on Cisco ICM before migrating to Call Manager, Unity, and CRS (an early name for UCCX) which created opportunities to teach a few courses in Europe.

Several years later, Mark was offered a chance to work for Avaya, focusing on large contact center customers. He worked there for 10 years as a sales engineer and architect. That was followed by an opportunity to return to his roots performing support for networking, voice, small contact centers, and other contract services. Recently, Mark returned and is excited to be back teaching at SLI. His current focus is contact center courses, but given how many different areas he has worked, he reserves to right to teach other technologies.


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