SLI Announces Acquisition of Advanced Network Information, Inc. (ANI)

SLI Announces Acquisition of Advanced Network Information, Inc. (ANI)

On February 23, 2020, Sunset Learning Institute (SLI) and Advanced Network Information, Inc. (ANI) announced that the two companies have entered into a definitive agreement under which SLI has agreed to acquire ANI. ANI is based in San Jose, California, and has been in the business of Corporate Learning Development and Delivery since 1993. ANI is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunset Group Ltd, (dba Sunset Learning Institute).


Sunset Learning Institute is currently a leading force in the authorized technical training and education space with over 10,000 customers served, while ANI’s expertise lies in learning development and managed services. The acquisition has come about to better serve the market with combined resources and technical expertise. 


As a newly combined company, Sunset Group Ltd. now offers expanded services to address corporate learning needs. Key offerings and services include:

  • Certification-based IT instructor-led and on-demand training 
  • Advanced product and skills-based technical training
  • Learning content development, utilizing today’s most effective learning design and modes
  • On-site talent services to augment learning teams
  • Consulting services helping build learning organizations, adopt learning platforms, and build certification programs.


Rick Morgan, CEO of Sunset Learning Institute, commented, “SLI has been working closely with ANI for over 15 years. The combination of our organizations to bring complementary education services to our mutual customers was a natural evolution of our relationship. This solves our mutual customer’s request to be a single-source provider for their training and educational outsourcing needs.”


Gary Rubin, who founded Advanced Network Information, Inc. (ANI), a Silicon Valley-based company in 1992, remarked, “ANI is excited to be joining Sunset Learning Institute (SLI). Together we offer a broader range of learning products and services for our clients. We have enjoyed a very close working relationship with SLI for more than 15 years. Coming together into a single company provides benefits to our customers and for the future of Sunset Learning Institute.”


About Sunset Learning Institute 

Sunset Group Ltd. (dba Sunset Learning Institute), a Learning Solutions Company based in Reston, VA, acquired Colorado Computer Training Institute (CCTI) in 2002. CCTI was renamed Sunset Learning Institute (SLI). Through its 12-year history as one of the 8 original Authorized Cisco Training providers, CCTI was recognized for providing high quality, high end-technology training for IT professionals.


Since the acquisition in 2002, Sunset Learning Institute has continued to be a top technology training company. Its goal is to help customers optimize their cloud technology investments by providing convenient, high-quality technical training that customers can rely on. They empower students to master their desired technologies for their unique IT environments. 


About Advanced Network Information, Inc. 

Since its founding in 1992, ANI has developed and delivered customized learning solutions to Silicon Valley Tech and Tech-related Fortune 500 customers. ANI has been known for development and management of sales enablement programs that speed technology adoption and increase revenue velocity for Tech customers’ new products and services. ANI’s methodical yet agile approach to learning ensures successful end-to-end development of learning solutions. It is focused on developing targeted and interactive programs that make the learning accessible and measurable. ANI’s 25+ years of work with Silicon Valley’s Fortune 500 companies offers a solid foundation of staff, expertise, and resources. 


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunset Learning Institute, ANI continues to provide its customers with the services that they have delivered for many years. Together with Sunset, ANI looks forward to offering its customers an expanded offering of learning products and services that help grow revenues, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and improve customer and employee satisfaction. 


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