Leveraging Generative AI to Accelerate Deployments

By Zach Feeser | 60 Min Video

Deploying a private Generative AI Large Language Model (LLM) within your organization is easy, and so is using that service to build next-gen AI services.

This webinar outlines what it takes to go from ZERO to an AI HERO. Learn to switch on generative AI services within your organization that are not based outside of your firewall. We have a live demonstration to showcase writing AI-compliant apps, deploying an LLM, and laying out a “getting started pathway.”

You’ll get plenty of hands-on resources, including lab environments to practice what you learn and a recommended training pathway.

*The lab environment was only available for attendees.


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Instructor Bio:

generative aiRussell Zachary Feeser has been instructing and consulting for Alta3 Research since 2010. He possesses strong technical & communication skills, as well as the experience gained from leading many thousands of hours of training across the United States, Canada, and Europe.


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