Juniper Routing Security Guide

By Yasmin Lara | 1 Min Read | 5 Min Video

Join QuadE Juniper instructor, Yasmin Lara, as she explains OSPF Authentication and Security in this NEW video!


Key Topics:

  • OSPF Simple Authentication – 0:12
  • OSPF MD5 Authentication – 2:11


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Instructor Bio: 

Yasmin Lara has been in the IT industry for over 20 years with roles including Network and Database Designer and Administrator, Technical Support Engineer, Senior Network Engineer, and Technical Instructor for both Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks. She has several years of experience with implementation, technical support, network traffic analysis, and troubleshooting, and creating test plans for new networking projects.

She is currently the Senior Instructor and Director of Juniper Training at Sunset Learning and is delivering classes in the areas of Routing, Switching and Security for the Juniper Service Provider, Enterprise, and Security Certification tracks. In 2019, Yasmin became a Juniper Networks Ambassador! The Juniper Ambassador program recognizes members of the Juniper community, for their strong commitment to help others learn about networking and Juniper Networks Products and Technology, as well as for their technical expertise, passion, and opinions about Juniper Networks.


Yasmin is the 31st person and first female worldwide to pass all four expert level exams that Juniper offers!


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