Unified Insights: Applying Analytics To Enhance Webex And On-Premise UC Deployments

By John Meersma | 45 Min Video

In this session, we demonstrate how to harness the comprehensive analytics provided by Cisco Webex Control Hub to effectively manage both on-premise and cloud-based Webex services. We cover how to access detailed analytics on user interactions, device endpoints, and overall usage to enhance administrative efficiency and system reliability. By exploring these tools, attendees learn how to optimize their collaboration environments and streamline troubleshooting processes.

After watching, you will be able to:

  • Navigate and Utilize the Webex Control Hub – Understand how to access and navigate through the Webex Control Hub interface to locate and utilize the analytics tools available.
  • Analyze Usage and Adoption Trends – Gain the skills to interpret and analyze data on user adoption and usage trends to assess the effectiveness of the collaboration tools deployed across the organization.
  • Optimize System Performance – Learn how to use analytics to monitor and optimize the performance of Webex services, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.
  • Improve Troubleshooting and Support – Develop better strategies for troubleshooting and support by using real-time data and insights to identify and resolve issues quickly.
  • Proactively Manage IT Needs – Learn to proactively manage IT requirements and adjustments before issues arise, using analytics to predict and prevent potential system impacts.

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Instructor Bio:


John Meersma has nearly twenty years of experience working in the IT industry. His areas of focus are Collaboration; voice, video, and SIP, in addition to routing and switching. John has put his enthusiasm for data networking and his love of working with people to work as an instructor. Over the past two decades, he has taught a wide variety of IT courses to diverse audiences.

John’s past employment includes monitoring the global WAN for a large pharmaceutical company, spending over five years as a university professor of Cisco and Microsoft curriculum, training engineers for Fortune 50 companies, and independent consultation for small and mid-sized organizations. John has also created and delivered custom courses for Dell Computers. He was also co-owner of an IT consulting firm serving non-profit organizations throughout southwest Michigan. He designed and implemented secure data storage solutions for local hospitals and installed Voice over IP infrastructure for area school districts. 

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