Encryption Concepts for Cisco Collaboration

By Maren Mahoney | 63 Min Video | Technical Level: Beginner

This is an introduction to key encryption concepts and how these concepts fit into a Cisco Collaboration Environment. Endpoint-related terms ITL, CTL, and TVS will also be discussed and how those concepts do/don’t relate to encryption. After watching this video, you will be able to describe Encryption, Symmetric vs. Asymmetric, Hashing, PKI Certificates and Distribution, Certificate Signing Requests, and how these concepts tie into Cisco Collaboration with a focus on endpoints.

Key Topics:

  • Terms – 3:50
  • Plaintext/Ciphertext – 5:01
  • Encryption Algorithms and Encryption – 7:04
  • Hash (MD5 and SHA) Message Digest – 12:10
  • What Hashes Look Like – 16:22
  • Symmetric/Asymmetric Encryption – 17:12
  • Certificates – 20:22
  • Certificates and Distribution – 29:18
  • Where Does Encryption Happen? – 40:50
  • Cisco Collaboration: Security by Default – 49:23
  • Cisco Collaboration: Certificate Trust List – 59:35


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Instructor Bio:


Maren Mahoney has been in the information system industry for more than 20 years with roles in employee development; technical network administration, management, and engineering; and networking courseware development and instruction. Maren is also a U.S. Army veteran. Before joining Sunset Learning Institute (SLI), Maren worked for Cisco Systems as a Network Consulting Engineer. She also worked for several Cisco Reseller Partners in engineering and technical instructor roles. She has experience in a range of Cisco product lines but specializes in Unified Communications.

Maren joined SLI in 2008 as a technical instructor focusing on the Unified Communications curriculum. In addition to a CCSI, Maren holds current Enterprise and Data Center certifications and was awarded the CCIE Collaboration certification in 2015. Maren is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). Maren was named a Cisco Designated VIP in 2019 and 2020. She achieved this recognition by actively participating in Cisco’s online support forums, sharing her IP Telephony expertise, and by presenting Cisco webinars attended by engineers worldwide.

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