DOCSIS Provisioning with Cisco PCP & PNR

By Bob Elliott | 36 Min Video

DOCSIS Provisioning involves DHCP Servers, PNR Extensions, and PCP servers such as an RDU and a DPE. In this tech talk, we will:

  • Take a look behind the scenes as a cable modem boots up for the first time
  • See the intercommunications between the PCP and PNR servers as the device gets provisioned
  • Review the log files for each server

After attending this session, you will be able to…

  • Understand the provisioning requirements when a Cable Modem boots
  • Understand the role of PNR components such as the DHCP Server and Extension Points
  • Understand the role of the PCP RDU when provisioning a new device or updating an existing device
  • Understand the role of the PCP Device Provisioning Engine (DPE) when a device boots or reboots


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Instructor Bio:

Bob is a Senior Consultant for Versatile Technology Services. Working with the company for more than 22 years, he focuses mainly on customers in the Service Provider industry. His expertise includes Data Center builds, Systems Administration, Network Administration, Device Provisioning, Virtualization, and Training.


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