Broaden Your Career Opportunities With AWS Certifications

By Vick Tagawa | 40 Min Video

Businesses and other organizations are continuously evolving in order to differentiate themselves from their competition. Cloud technologies help them accelerate the digital transformation goals, creating a huge demand for cloud knowledgeable and skilled leadership and workers. This webinar will help you understand how you can use AWS certifications to accelerate your cloud career opportunities.


After watching this video, you will be able to:

  • Articulate what cloud technologies and benefits are
  • List some of the cloud-related job roles available today
  • Describe how gaining cloud knowledge and skills will help them start/enhance their career
  • Create a personalized learning plan to gain essential cloud knowledge and skills


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Instructor Bio:

Career OpportunitiesVick has over 30 years of training and IT industry experience. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and has earned technology vendor certifications on Unix, Novell Netware, Microsoft, and Cisco. He was certified as a Certified Cisco Systems Instructor in 1997 and has maintained his CCIE certification since 2001.

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