2019 Technology Predictions

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2019 is in full swing which means new forms of technology are starting to make an appearance. Which ones do you think will make an impact this year? Listed below are a few predictions about what the next wave of emerging technologies could bring.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart cars are making an impact on the technology industry. Self-driving cars are in our future as some companies like Tesla and Uber have start testing these products in 2018. Not only that, but many vehicles are able to show up-to-date information about the car, including tire pressure, oil level and fuel consumption. This could drastically change how vehicles are maintained and the safety of the driver and others on the road.


Not only are smart cars in the works, but smart everything is too. From buildings to homes to cities, someone is testing how IoT can change how we live. Sidewalk Labs is building and testing a smart neighborhood. Smart sensors can record and monitor everything people do including walking routes, building occupancy and shared car use. The purpose was to create a place that is convenient, safe and comfortable for residents. Do you think these technologies are taking things too far or is this our future?



Not quite an emerging technology anymore, but different use cases still make it applicable. Have you thought about using Blockchain as a service? Suddenly, Blockchain is a little more of an emerging technology. According to Danny Allan from Veeam Software, “In 2019 we will begin to see the first practical implementations of blockchain, beyond the cryptocurrency use case, and unlock distributed marketplaces and computing systems that leverage communities for sharing of resources in both a cost- and resource-efficient manner.” These platforms will be used by IBM, Azure and AWS.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers. AI has massive potential to disrupt the technology industry. With AI being used in robotics, we could start to see AI be present in human interactions. For example, a grocery store in Pennsylvania uses a robot to patrol aisles and spot spills on the lobby floor. It is used to identify hazards before anyone is injured and frees up the associate’s time to allocate more to serving customers. AI is already in our lives, but when will it become normal?


According to Charles Aunger of Health2047 Inc, “In 2019, we’ll see the start of AI making a noticeable impact on the back office, from increasing electronic operations to streamlining identification and credentialing”. This power can revolutionize processes, leading to a more proficient and productive work space.



The concept of extremely fast, wireless internet access has the world craving a 5G network. Other benefits include “better experiences, lower latency, less buffing and faster response times”. Major companies are racing to release the first version. However, Sandra Rivera at Intel says that won’t happen for 5-10 more years; “We’re actually still in the early days of 5G. If you look at how long these transitions take, they’re typically measured in decade-long windows of time. For 5G we’re in those first couple of years of that 10-year run”. This year, we’ll see this technology being tested in large cities and in the next few years, slowly rolled out to cover the entire nation.


Smart Speakers

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have made a huge impact on the market already. Millions of smart devices are connected and about 16% of Americans own a smart speaker. However, in 2019, the use cases will change. For example, Amazon announced that Echo devices will be available in Marriott hotel rooms to improve guest experience. The world is quickly becoming a place where something is always listening.


Although these are just a few examples, it gives us a good idea about what to expect in 2019. Are you ready to adapt to align with these emerging technologies? How will they affect your workspace? It will be interesting to see which companies sink or float when it comes to adopting technologies that will change the world. 


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