Sunset Learning Credits

Sunset Learning Credits (SLC's)

July 2022

How Sunset Learning introduced the Sunset Learning Credit program to a telecommunications conglomerate, effectively streamlining their technical training management, optimizing budget utilization, and fostering a sustained training culture for long-term partnership success.


The customer, a large telecommunications company, needed a better way to manage their technical training and budget  so they could maintain their partner status with several different vendors. With expiring certifications and employee turnover, they are constantly at risk of losing their partner status and the associated job skills. Going to procurement for each individual student who needed training had become an operational  headache.


The Sunset Learning Credit program offered a solution for both budget and training management. SLI was able to help the customer maximize their budget by providing a substantial number of Sunset Learning Credits (SLC’s) at a bulk discounted price. The training available through the program covers multiple vendors and can also be used for development, learning consulting, and technical mentoring services, allowing them to use Sunset as their one-stop-shop.


The transition to the Sunset Learning Credit program has streamlined the process and saved the customer a significant amount of time, effort, and money. A live report offered by SLI allows the customer to keep track of their training progress and remaining balance at any moment. As a result, the customer has established a “training culture” that they plan to carry on for years to come.