Sunset Learning Private Training Logistics Form

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Thank You for choosing Sunset Learning Institute (SLI) to deliver private training for your organization.  There are a few logistical items we need to get in order to ensure your training goes smoothly. Please fill out the information and specific contacts for the items listed below.

For any questions or concerns please contact your Sunset Learning account manager or you can also contact Sherrie Kroman directly who organizes our private training sessions.  Sherrie can be reached directly at 888.888.5251 ext 1072 or at

The logistics contact will be the main point of contact from your company to arrange class times, dates, training materials delivery etc.

The Technical contact will be the main point of contact from your company to arrange technical equipment and technical logistics (laptop capabilities, bandwidth, firewalls etc).

Does the location to be used during training have the following items available:

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this information.  We will be in contact to confirm and finalize details.