DNS & BIND Webinars​

About the Presenter: After completing degrees in computer science and electrical engineering, David Beck worked for several years as a software developer. As both a designer and administrator, he transitioned to the worlds of UNIX and Linux, and then to networking as well. In 2002, he struck out on his own as a contractor. Today he mixes consulting and contracting with teaching and course development. At any time, he typically has engagements with multiple organizations. For example, he has been a Certified Cisco System Instructor (CCSI) for nearly twenty years; and typically teaches six Cisco courses yearly. Since 2012, David has worked for Men & Mice as a consultant, course developer, trainer, and has a leadership role in the management of Men & Mice Training. He was born in the United States and lives in Switzerland since the 1990s. He has both American and Swiss citizenship.

Part 1: Name Resolution & Resolver Caching
Date: July 3rd   Time: 11:00am EST   Duration: 60 Minutes

In this session, we look in depth at a fundamental of DNS, domain-name resolution. In detail we will track queries from a client, to a resolver, to authoritative servers and back. We will look at the DNS message for the queries, including the relative flags. That will be followed by an examination of how resolver caching effects name resolution. Along the way, key terms such as delegation, referral, iterative and recursion will be explained and contrasted.

This material is in the course DNS & BIND Week, and in DNS & BIND Fundamentals.

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Part 2: DNS Cookies
Date: July 3rd   Time: 1:00pm EST   Duration: 60 Minutes

DNS Cookies are a modern security system providing protection for queriers, for domain name owners, for innocent bystanders, and for DNS servers. Cookies mitigate against bogus answers, cache poisoning, and reflection/amplification attacks that lead to denial of service (DoS). After demonstrating these threats, we will dive into the details of how cookies function. Depending on time, we will examine cookie examples using dig, and perhaps also review Cookie configuration for the BIND nameserver.

This material is in the course DNS & BIND Week, and in DNS & BIND Advanced.

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