Microsoft Clip Training

Teams Based training for microsoft 365

Empowering users with “self-service” training videos. ClipTraining is a modernized approach to learning. With over 5,000 task-based videos available right within Microsoft Teams, users can improve productivity by quickly finding the information they need, exactly when they need it. ClipTraining provides a complete online training solution to help customers drive technology adoption and reduce help desk calls.

Stream job training and skills enablement videos from Teams

Enterprise organizations want to maximize their investment in Microsoft 365 and need a more effective approach to roll-out training and drive usage adoption. ClipTraining provides a native Teams application that streams training videos from a library of over 5,000 task-based entries. The service enables administrators to tailor specific learning paths for different job roles and provides a customizable streaming service for customers to ad their own specific jobs skills training.

ClipTraining was architected and designed as a simple on-line portal with indexed search capabilities for users to access up-to-date training videos that cover all aspects of Microsoft 365, plus cyber-security education. Users can access the portal from any device and view “how-to” instructional videos to advance their skills.


Drives Teams Adoption
Native application running in Teams provides streaming video library

Reduces Help Desk Calls
“How-to” related calls greatly reduced significantly

Improves Knowledge Retention
Users can apply their learning immediately 

Maintains User Productivity
Enables workers to accomplish their task at hand quickly without becoming distracted


"We have had great success over 5-years increasing Microsoft 365 adoption with our employees being able to selectively watch the lessons they need on-demand."
Binary Tree, Inc.
General Manager

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