Storage Architecture for OpenStack (OSSA)


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OpenStack has catalyzed the development of Software-Defined Storage (SDS), and most IT shops are just starting to understand how SDS fits into their architecture. In this half-day, hands-on module, we’ll take a look at some critical architectural decisions you’ll need to make about your storage architecture, including block vs object-based storage, how to choose a file system and key questions about high availability and scaling. 

Target Audience

This course is designed for Cloud Architects, Data Center Architects, Solution Architects, Systems Engineers, and Pre-Sales Engineers who need to evaluate and recommend OpenStack solutions for their IT organization or for their customers. 


Essentials for OpenStack 

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will be able to make critical architectural decisions about your storage architecture, such as block vs object-based storage, choosing a file system, and important questions about high availability and scaling.

Full Course Outline

Module 1: Storage Services Overview 

  • Ephemeral vs Persistent Storage 
  • Block Storage Applications
  • Object Storage Applications 

Module 2: Block Storage 

  • Cinder Architecture
  • Storage Array Abstraction
  • Commodity Storage Backend Technologies 

Module 3: Object Storage 

  • Object Storage Overview
  • Swift Architecture
  • High Availability Ring Architecture 

Module 4: Ceph 

  • Ceph Architecture
  • Applications for Ceph 

Hands-On Lab:

  • Configure OpenStack Storage Services  
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