Finesse Operations for Cisco Contact Center (CCEFIN)


Basic familiarity with contact centers

Finesse Basics

  • What is Finesse
  • Supported OS and Browsers
  • Versions Supported
  • Components of Finesse

Finesse Architecture

  • The Finesse Server
  • The Connections to the Finesse Server
  • Finesse Client Connections

Finesse Failover

  • Failover Mechanisms
  • CTI Failure
  • AWDB Failure
  • Finesse Server Failure
  • Finesse Browser Issues
  • Finesse IP Phone Failure

Finesse Out of the Box

  • Logging into Finesse as an Agent
  • The Finesse Agent Interface
  • Logging into the Supervisor Interface
  • The Finesse Supervisor Interface


Basic Finesse Customizations


Administration Interface Tour

Phone Books

Screen Pops

Reason Codes

Wrap up Codes

Desktop Layouts

  • Adding CUIC live Data
  • Adding CUIC Gauges and Charts
  • Task Overview
  • CUIC Tasks
  • Finesse Admin Tasks


  • Web Browser Pops
  • API Actions
    • Recording Calls
    • Post Call Survey 3


  • Gadgets Overview
  • Cisco Sample Gadgets
  • Uploading Gadgets to the Finesse Server
  • Adding Gadgets to the Desktop Layout

Rest API

  • The Finesse REST API
  • The Finess REST API Structure
  • Using the Fineesse API from the CLI
  • Adding API Elements to a Web Site

3rd party Solutions

  • Examples of Third Party Apps

Troubleshooting Finesse

  • Troubleshooting Finesse Server
  • Collecting Trace Files
  • Finesse Errors

Lab Outline

  • Introduction to Finesse Agent And Supervisor Interfaces
  • Cisco Finesse Admin Basics
  • Layout Lab
  • Workflows
  • Loading 3rd Party Custom Gadgets
  • Using the REST API
  • Integrating Task Routing into a Web Interface
  • 3rd Party Tour
  • Troubleshooting Finesse


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