Webex Contact Center Expert Specialization – Fast Track Exam

Price: $300.00
Associated Certification: Webex Contact Center Expert Specialization

Please note, Cisco Learning Credits are not applicable for the WebEx Contact Center Expert Exam.

The Thursday before the practical exam date, students will be emailed a Webex bridge that can be used to remotely attend and complete the exam.

Passing this exam is required for the Cisco WXCC Partner Specialization program. Sunset Learning will provide exam results to Cisco within 7 days of exam completion. If you successfully pass the exam, you will receive a certificate of completion that you will need to load into the Cisco Program Management & Application (PM&A) tool.

This exam is not a career certification and is not recognized outside of the Cisco Partner specialization requirement. It will not be reflected on the Webex Academy site.

No access to any training environment is given for students to practice or run through labs before the exam. Students must use their own environments before the exam day for practice.

What to Expect

Part 1: Theoretical (approximately 1 hour). There will be 25 questions covering:

  • Licensing
  • Provisioning
  • Sizing
  • Administration

Part 2: Hands-on practical evaluation (approximately 3 hours).

You will be given a scenario requiring you to provision a WXCC tenant according to certain parameters.

The Fast Track exam option is intended for those who already have experience with WXCC and have equivalent knowledge to what is covered in the WXCC Expert training class. Those who do not have that prerequisite knowledge should attend the CWCCE training.

The content and labs are not available outside of the training class. However, we do provide all Fast Track exam attendees with a 1-hour review video that can be accessed anytime after you are registered for the exam. The video covers the following topics at a high level:

  • Webex Contact Center Overview
  • Webex Contact Center Architecture
  • PSTN Options
  • Accessing Contact Center Applications
  • Licensing Options
  • Inbound Call Flow
  • Digital Channels

Please be aware that we cannot accept registrations later than 12:00 PM EST the day prior to the exam.