AI for Business Leaders

Sunset Learning Institute offers innovative AI & Data workforce enablement programs for all business units including technical and non-technical roles.

This new AI course supports enterprise leadership roles in all business units. This course titled ’AI for Business Leaders’ delivers blended learning resources, including leadership group workshops, AI business strategies, well-architected frameworks, and real-world applications.

Course Information

Price: $675.00
Duration: 0.5 day
Learning Credits:
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Learners do not require any prior experience. A basic level of familiarity with computer technology and networking is recommended. The course includes optional hands-on workshops.


Target Audience:

This course is designed for the business user and targets today’s leaders interested in learning AI assistant services to cultivate an AI & Data driven culture, promote AI business cognition, accelerate productivity to optimize efficiencies, thus obtain completeness of AI vision to increase overall business value.

Note: This course is rated level 100 – 200. For further information please review our ’AI Stack Roadmap’. Learners do not require any prior experience. Familiarity with computer technology and networking is recommended.


Course Objectives:

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what AI is and how to communicate AI as a business resource.
  • Explain how to drive business efficiencies by learning from real-world examples of how AI optimizes business processes.
  • Explain how to facilitate and effectively communicate enterprise readiness strategies.
  • Explain how to Identify and effectively communicate AI business opportunities.
  • Explain how to evaluate and communicate AI business metrics and drive outcomes.


Course Outline:

AI Planning

  • Evaluating and Framing AI Initiatives
  • Introduction to AI and Generative AI
  • AI Resource Planning

Data Driven

  • Data Readiness
  • Cloud Storage Providers
  • Financial Readiness

MLOPs Training and Deployment

  • MLOPs Model Training
  • MLOPs Model Deployment

Governance and Observability

  • Governance and Observability – the Umbrella
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Completeness of Vision

Planning Workshop



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