AWS Certifications

AWS Certifications help IT professionals distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace. In a time where more and more applications and workloads are moving to the cloud, the industry is taking notice. With an AWS certification you can demonstrate expertise in cloud computing, ensuring you can effectively harness the power of Amazon Web Services to drive innovation and business success.

Top Reasons To Get AWS Certified Right Now

Advance Your Career
AWS Training and Certification can help you build your cloud skills and get you noticed by colleagues, employers, business partners, and customers.


Show You Are a Pro
AWS Certifications validate your unique AWS Cloud skills and enhance your credibility with an industry-recognized credential.


Learn at Your Own Pace and Style
AWS Training digital and classroom learning options can help you acquire the AWS skills you want, the way you want.  Classroom training is taught by accredited AWS technical instructors.

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Six months of fundamental AWS Cloud and industry knowledge.



One year of experience solving problems and implementing solutions using the AWS Cloud


Two years of experience designing, operating, and troubleshooting solutions using the AWS Cloud.


Technical AWS Cloud experience in the Specialty domain as specified in the exam guide.

Is the result immediately available after the exam?

Upon completing your exam, you will receive a pass or fail notification on the testing screen.


Which exam do you recommend comes first: Cloud Practitioner or Solution Architects?

If you have no experience with AWS, then the Cloud Practitioner exam.


Do you have to pay every time you have to retake an exam?

Yes, although if you pass an exam, you get a 50% voucher for the next one.


How many times one can retake the exam?

You can retake an exam as many times as you’d like, but you’ll have to wait two weeks between each retake.


What is the time duration for the Practitioner exam?
You get 90 minutes to complete the Cloud Practitioner exam.


What happens if we have connectivity issues during the exam?

Most of the time they schedule for another time.


For the machine learning specialty, do you recommend taking the foundational exam first?

The Machine Learning specialty is specifically geared towards building ML solutions on AWS. The Cloud Practitioner exam will be somewhat helpful, but you’ll have to do a lot more studying for the ML certification.


Do we need to re-take the exam to renew the certification?
After 3 years that must be renewed.


What are some good tips and resources for beginners? Specifically prepping for the certification exam.
Attending training webinars is a great start! You can find our webinar schedule here.


Are there any mandatory training or exam requirements to take an AWS Certification exam?
Training is recommended as part of your certification preparation, but it is not mandatory for the completion of the certification.


How do I register to take an AWS Certification exam?
To register for an exam, sign in to and click Certification in the top navigation. Next, click the AWS Certification Account button, followed by Schedule New Exam. Find the exam you wish to take and click either the Schedule at PSI or Schedule at Pearson VUE button. You will then be redirected to the test delivery provider’s scheduling page, where you will complete your exam registration.


Are there benefits offered to AWS Certified individuals?
In addition to validating your technical skills, AWS Certification gives you tangible benefits to help you showcase your achievement and further advance your AWS expertise. Additionally, you will receive:

  • Digital badges
  • Exam voucher discounts
  • Event recognition
  • Access to the AWS Certified global community
  • Free practice exams
  • Access to AWS Certified merchandise


What are AWS Certification digital badges?
AWS Certification provides digital badges as a benefit of earning an AWS Certification to showcase certification status. We provide digital badges via Credly’s Acclaim platform to offer flexible options for recognition and verification. You can take advantage of one-click badge sharing on social media newsfeeds, tools for embedding verifiable badges on websites or email signatures, and an optional public profile with all earned AWS Certification badges.