ACE Recertification

ACE Recertification

Most of the industry maintains an expiration date on your certifications of two or three years. Before the expiration date, if you want to stay certified and current, you need to purchase new material, study from the beginning, and retest all over again. Arista will not have an expiration date.

Instead, Arista is introducing a yearly recertification program which will allow you to stay current and certified year after year without retesting. This recertification is based on a point system; you will earn points through the various learning tools available to you and through being an active participant in the Arista community.

Additionally, there is a way to recertify in a certain amount of time if you allow your certification to lapse by not meeting the yearly requirements. Life can get in the way sometimes, so Arista wants to be sure that you had a chance to regain that certification.

Recertification Program Point System

ACE certified engineers will need to accumulate a minimum of 100 points every year to maintain their Arista certification. This will be in addition to paying the annual membership fees.

  1. Category 1: Product/Feature Courses – 15 points(required) per 2-hour course/webinar/video (must accumulate at least 60 points)
  2. Category 2: Documented Arista-based networking projects completed – 10 points(required)(maximum of 20 points per year)
  3. Category 3: Community Involvement – active participant (10 or more posts and answers) – 5 points(optional)
  4. Category 4: Submitting whitepapers, Linux/Python scripts or other packages – 10 points(optional)
  5. Category 5: Higher Level Certification courses – purchase and attend, passed exam is not required – 30 points per course (optional)
  • If you do not reach the required points by the annual anniversary, your certification will go inactive.
  • You may re-activate anytime within the following year by completing the required points, submitting your annual fee and paying a $100 re-activation fee
  • After 24 months you may still re-activate by accumulating the required points that were missed over the last two years during the inactive period, pay the total sum of annual fees you have missed and re-submit an application with a $500 fee. Arista Training will review and may require additional information to reactivate the certification.



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