Arista Cloud Engineer Level 3 – Cloud Journeyman (ACE: L3)

ACE: L3 is a 5-day course that is designed around Arista’s data-driven Cloud network architectures. Candidates will master core technologies found in most modern corporate networks today such as MultiProtocol Border Gateway Protocol (MP-BGP), Exterior BGP (eBGP) underlays, Ethernet Virtual Private Networks (EVPN), and Virtual Extensible LAN protocol (VXLAN). Additional topics include security, QoS, multicast, and Cognitive Campus.

Course Information

Price: $4,995.00
Duration: 5 days
Learning Credits:
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Target Audience:

ACE: L3 is best suited for individuals with mid-to-senior level experience in the networking field with advanced Layer 2 and 3 technologies and configurations. Engineers and operations staff will find the skills covered in this course to often be sought after by modern-day, technology-oriented corporations.


Course Objectives:

Designed around Arista’s data-driven Cloud network architectures.


Course Outline:

Module 1: CloudVision 

  • Automation Concept Overview
  • CloudVision Deployment Options
  • Clusters
  • Backup
  • BugAlerts
  • Device Communications
  • Configlets
  • Containers
  • Tasks and Change Control
  • Change Control Templates
  • Zero Touch Provisioning ZTP
  • Image Management
  • Snapshots
  • Rollback
  • Labels & Tags
  • CloudVision Telemetry
  • Automation Implementation Overview

Module 2: Universal Cloud Networking -L3LS

  • L2LS Review & Configuration
  • Traditional DC Architecture
  • Leaf-Spine Architectures
  • Underlay and Overlay Design Options
  • L2LS link & switch failure scenarios
  • L2LS v L3LS
  • Layer 3 Redundancy
  • OSPF Review & Configuration
  • IS-IS Overview, Areas & Addressing, & Routing
  • BGP Introduction, Enabling & Peer Groups
  • BGPv4

Module 3: Ethernet VPN

  • Underlay Design Options
  • EVPN Overview
  • MP-BGP multitenant Control Plane
  • EVPN Control Plane
  • RT-2 & RT-3 Advertisements
  • L3 VPNs and Type 5 Route Advertisements
  • EVPN Data Plane
  • IRB
  • EVPN VXLAN Config Walkthrough of Asymmetric & Symmetric IRB
  • Symmetric IRB – Indirect Routing
  • IP-VRFs and Multi-Tenancy with Asymmetric & Symmetric IRB
  • RT-4, RT-1 and Multi-Homing
  • EVPN ESI Active/Active Multi-Honing
  • Failure Scenarios
  • EVPN Deployments
  • Troubleshooting EVPN

Module 4: Virtualized Extensible VXLAN

  • Recommended Practices
  • First Hop Redundancy Protocols FHRP
  • VXLAN Control Plane, Routing, Broadcasts, Multicast, Head End Replication HER, Operations, Configuration HER
  • Troubleshooting VXLAN

Module 5: Multicast 

  • Overview and Protocols
  • IGMPc2 Snooping Configuration
  • MSDP Configuration
  • Multicast with EVPN Control Plane
  • EVPN Layer 2 Multicast
  • EVPN Multicast OISM
  • EVPN Multicast Underlay
  • Redundancy Models
  • PIM Edge Gateway

Module 6: QoS

  • Modes and Setting
  • Traffic Classes
  • QoS Policies, QoS Prioritization
  • Policing
  • Shaping
  • Explicit Congestion Notification
  • Priority Flow Control

Module 7: Security

  • Macro Segmentation Security MSS-FW Overview
  • Arista DANZ Monitoring Fabric DMF Overview
  • Arista’s Network Detection and Response NDR Overview

Module 8: Campus Architecture

  • Pod Designs
  • Spline Designs
  • Arista WiFi
  • WiFi Fundamentals
  • WiFi 6
  • Campus WiFi Security WIPS
  • WiFi Design, WiFi Configuration
  • Cognitive WiFi

Module 9: ECPN GW Super Spine & DCI

  • GW L3 Model
  • GW L2 Model
  • L2/L3 over VXLAN Connectivity over VXLAN IP WAN


  • CVP Navigation
  • CVP Configlet Management
  • CVP Configlet Builder
  • CVP Snapshots
  • Change Control
  • CVP Dashboard Labs
  • L2EVPN
  • L3EVPN
  • Multicast
  • CVP Using Studios
  • CVP Creating Studios