Digital Learning / On-Demand Learning

Digital Learning / On-Demand Learning

On-Demand Learning Options

Cisco U. All-Access

CISCO U. All-Access Includes 12 months of access to: • Cisco U. All-AccessA digital learning source that provides courses and tailored content for Cisco products and adjacent technologies. It’s a

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Cisco U. Essentials

CISCO U. Essentials Includes 12 months of access to: Cisco U. Essentials A digital learning source that provides courses and tailored content for Cisco products and adjacent technologies. It’s a

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DOCSIS Network Overview

DOCSIS Network Overview $300.00 This is an e-learning course. Students get access to the content for 6 months.   COURSE DESCRIPTION: Students taking the DOCSIS Network Overview training course will

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Digital Learning Platform for On-Demand Learning

On-demand learning isn’t a new idea, and in fact, it has helped many students and trainees consume information at their own pace through our digital learning platform, which in turn leads to a better retention to help with certification training programs. As the education climate shifts even more towards remote options, it makes way for the concept of the digital learning platform, which has the power to transform the way we think about digital education and the delivery of knowledge.

What Is on Demand Learning?
Contrary to on-the-job (OTJ) training, on-demand digital learning services enable employees and trainees to view and digest information in a more tailored way that supports their schedule, location, and comprehension. Contained within a user-optimized digital learning platform, on-demand learning also encourages employees to apply their digital education immediately instead of relying on their capacity to remember key information for later.

How Can a Digital Learning Platform Benefit Employees?
On-demand digital education offers a more flexible option than traditional training methods. It’s designed to be more applicable to today’s modern workforce and improves engagement by enabling employees to learn subject matter that can help them increase performance and advance their careers. In addition, a digital learning platform can be accessed in any location, at any time, and on any computer or mobile device. This digital learning service provides employers with the benefit of having their teams understand new information faster and be able to put their knowledge into practice without delay.

Why Choose Sunset Learning Institute for Digital Learning Services?
We offer certification-based and skills-based technical training services in both instructor-led technology training and on-demand digital learning platform formats. Our customized technical training options can be leveraged to develop useful digital education strategies for organizations looking to streamline their training and produce more knowledgeable employees who, in turn, can advance their careers. Contact us about our digital learning services today!