Arista Academy Pro

Arista Academy Pro

Arista Academy Pro is a self-paced training that provides learners flexibility and convenience in terms of timing and location. See Arista Academy Pro options below!



Individuals entering the network engineering field and looking to acquire the essential knowledge and skills applied to modern network infrastructure.ACE:L1 Arista Academy Pro is a self-paced course providing foundational networking knowledge and skills from a modern perspective in Arista's EOS networking environment. Candidates progress through networking fundamental topics ranging from Ethernet, TCP/IP, and Routing & Switching to network design, based on modern Leaf-Spine architecture used in today’s Enterprise Data Center and Campus networks. Candidates are also introduced to network automation with Arista’s CloudVision solution.$1,495


Individuals with, at a minimum, mid-level experience in the networking field and are looking to acquire core skills required to operate Arista networks. It is beneficial to individuals with goals aimed at increasing relevance with modern network architectures.ACE:L2 Arista Academy Pro is a self-paced course that expands on ACE:L1, focusing on features and skills used daily within the Arista customer network. Candidates will be exposed to the Arista Universal Cloud Network (UCN) model for Layer 2 Leaf-Spine topologies, leveraging Multi-chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG) and Virtual-ARP (VARP). This architecture is then presented in the context of the Arista Campus Network, and will introduce Arista's WiFi and campus specific features such as Power over Ethernet (PoE). All topics taught in this course are skills utilized in running an Arista network.$1,495


Individuals with mid-to-senior level experience in the networking field with advanced Layer 2 and 3 technologies and configurations. Engineers and operations staff will find the skills covered in this course to often be sought after by modern-day, technology-oriented corporations.ACE:L3 Arista Academy Pro is a self-paced course that is designed around Arista’s data-driven Cloud network architectures. Candidates will master core technologies found in most modern corporate networks today such as MultiProtocol Border Gateway Protocol (MP-BGP), Exterior BGP (eBGP) underlays, Ethernet Virtual Private Networks (EVPN), and Virtual Extensible LAN protocol (VXLAN). Additional topics include security, QoS, multicast, and Cognitive Campus.$1,995


Individuals with at least a mid-level network engineering background, and are comfortable with layer 2 and 3 architectures and concepts such as EVPN and MP-BGP. This course is suitable for candidates who are in, or would like to find, mid-to-senior level network engineer or operation positions related to enterprise edge networking.ACE:L4 Arista Academy Pro is a self-paced course focused on the Enterprise edge, Service Provider WAN, Large Enterprise Transport networks, and Data Center Interconnect (DCI) architectures. Candidates will explore the advanced routing capabilities available within Arista hardware and EOS. Topics such as EVPN, MPLS and Segment Routing will be discussed in depth. All topics are taught from both command line and CloudVision perspectives, including provisioning, managing, troubleshooting, and optimizing.$1,995


Individuals with mid-to-high level experience as network engineers with prior exposure to Python and Ansible Basics. This course is suitable for engineers looking to progress into mid or upper level operations positions within modern, technology-oriented organizations.ACE:L5 Arista Academy Pro is a self-paced course designed to give network engineers, architects, and operations staff the needed skills, tools, and strategies to automate the Arista network infrastructure. This course focuses on CloudVision automation leveraging Ansible, Python, and other commonly used automation languages. Extensive practical workshops are used to solidify discussion concepts.$1,995

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