SLI Becomes MEF Accredited Training Provider

August 1, 2020 – Sunset Learning Institute (SLI) is excited to announce their certificate as an Accredited MEF Training Provider for the MEF-SDCP SD-WAN Certification Training. MEF is an industry association of 200+ company members and has published more than 75 service and technology standards. The standards have been developed to implement agreements to achieve interoperability, increase operational efficiency, and accelerate industry innovation.


SLI is continually looking to provide comprehensive learning solutions for its customers, and the MEF-SDCP SD-WAN certification training felt like a natural fit for the SLI portfolio. The SD-WAN market is one of the hottest in the communications industry, and this certification is an excellent career enabler for SD-WAN service providers, integrators, network consultants, technology solution providers, and more.


“Expanding our SD-WAN content reach will enable our goal of enhancing competitive advantages for our customer organizations. We are happy to be working with MEF in this endeavor,” says SLI CEO Rick Morgan.


The benefits for companies having an SD-WAN certified professionals employee pool are equally substantial:

  • CSP’s: Acquiring the depth of knowledge on the MEF SD-WAN standardization across the organization needed to develop, sell, and deliver dynamic, orchestrated services enabling new customer acquisition opportunities.
  • Enterprises: Becoming a technically informed buyer of services, leveraging available service features, driving network efficiencies, and lower costs.
  • Technology Suppliers, Consultants, and Integrators: Positioning your company to win SD-WAN business opportunities with certified skills and improving your marketing message.
  • All: The ability to recruit and retain the best and the brightest by offering the valuable, globally recognized MEF training and certifications.


The MEF-SDCP SD-WAN Certified Professional is available virtually and all Sunset Learning dates are guaranteed to run. See Class Information.