DevOps for Infrastructure Workshop Series



Sunset Learning has developed a series of workshops that explain DevOps applicability/relevance to individuals responsible for selling and deploying data networks.  Below is the layout of the workshop series around a customer use case; the customer is struggling to manage their network configurations and wants to get that process organized before they go into a next phase of infrastructure deployment.

Workshop Series Structure

The purpose of this workshop series is to provide an immersive, hands-on training to help bridge the gap of DevOps understanding. This workshop series teaches participants the importance of a DevOps mindset, the benefits of Infrastructure as Code, and a way to tie it all together and offer customers an easier way to manage their networks through Model Driven DevOps.

Through the course of all three workshops we tackle a common customer use case by making network management easier and eliminating single points of failure by providing an automated process. By starting with the basics and gradually building on the foundational concepts with interactive labs and content we make it easy to learn a seemingly complex solution.


 DevOps Process and Disciplines

Workshop 1

Network Configuration Management through a DevOps Approach

  • The DevOps Mindset
  • A Collaborative Approach
  • Source of Truth

80% DevOps Concepts
20% Tools

Workshop 2

Where’s the Automation?

  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Maintaining Source of Truth
  • Pushing Config Changes at Scale

20% DevOps Concepts
80% Tools & Technology

Workshop 3

Model Driven DevOps

  • Expanding Source of Truth
  • Network Orchestration
  • Deploying Model Driven DevOps

Automation and Programmability 

Learning Program Objectives


Establish and maintain a community of information and learning disseminations and crowd sourced input. Solid strategy to engage and retain members and reinforce culture shift.


HOW | Enable entire cross-functional team to re-tool in order to support DevOps for Infrastructure methodologies – based upon embrace relevance. Formalize a learning program with appropriate content to provide tools for job change.


WHY | Evangelize the DevOps for Infrastructure concept through story telling by DevOps early adopters in a workshop series communicated to the target audience.  Identify both success and failures.  Record and make available to the community.  Data/sales success driven evangelism. Consider Executive Champions.


WHAT | Develop use cases/case studies, ideally build from real, success stories that are highly relevant and as tangible as possible to the target audience from technology, project and business perspective. Conveying new workflow/tools.


Form ideas for leaning program based on Interviews and content review to arrive at elements above. Roadmap/Blueprint. Convey learning program elements, development strategy and timeline.