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DevOps for Infrastructure Foundations Workshop

Course Information

Price: $10,000.00



Default Schedule: 8 hours total over 4 weeks. 2-hour sessions each Friday. This schedule is intended to support the work week demands of participants, and allows time between sessions to apply the principals learned. This schedule can be adjusted as needed for the audience.

Workshop 1 | Network Configuration Management through a DevOps Approach

Explore the use case of a customer is struggling to manage device configurations on many devices and different buildings when they have historically been managed by a single individual with institutional knowledge and other IT team members occasionally adjusting those configurations.  There is no central management, no source-of-truth, no version control or audit trail and no backup system.  Discover how DevOps processes and disciplines help the client see a way forward with these challenges. 

Please note, this is workshop 1 in a 3-part series.

Workshop 1 Agenda


Workshop Orientation

  • Why DevOps for Infrastructure?
  • Review Workshop flow and resources
  • Verify Access to platforms used throughout the workshop


Collaboration as a core to DevOps

  • Review the Customer use case, pain points and desired future state
  • Deploy Confluence, a collaboration platform for early project documentation and dialog
  • Convert desired state into project tasks and review the value of Agile in Infrastructure projects


Value of Agile Workflow Management in Infrastructure Projects

  • Agile ceremonies and artifacts and their value in infrastructure project
  • Setting up an Agile project


Value of Source-of-Truth and Version Control

  • Building and hosting a Source of Truth
  • Using Github as a Version Control and audit system for changes to network configuration
  • Collaboration and Agile activities used to close the DevOps workflow cycle