UCS-X with Intersight Partner Enablement Program

Sunset Learning Exclusive

Partner enablement by Sunset Learning with separate modules for AM’s and SE/FE. The AM/E teams receive training in the same week to build momentum and drive a cohesive message.

Course Information

Price: $1,350.00
Duration: 1.5 days
Learning Credits:
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Target Audience:

  • Account Manager
  • Engineers


Course Objectives:


Course Outline:

Account Manager Workshop – 2-hour module focused on enabling AM’s to scope and qualify UCS X with Intersight without initial support of SE/FE.

  • Context behind UCS-X Innovations 
    • Macro level trends 
    • Case for Blade servers
    • UCS value proposition
  • Positioning UCS-X Powered by Intersight
    • Solving for Hybrid Cloud with Platform Approach
    • Modular Architecture 
    • The Intersight advantage 
  • Customer Stakeholders Positioning
  • Identifying UCS-X Opportunities 

Engineering Workshop – 1 day with hands on labs. Learn how to prepare the UCS X-Series hardware components for discovery by Intersight Managed Mode (IMM) and manage components with Intersight.

  • Cisco UCS X-Series Management through Intersight
    • Intersight Overview
    • Intersight Licensing
    • Accessing the Intersight Dashboard
    • Dashboard Navigation
    • Inventory Views
    • Configuration of Intersight vs. UCSM/UCSC
    • Domain Claiming
    • Domain and Server Policies/Profiles
    • Submitting Feedback


  • Claiming the UCS Domain
  • Intersight Dashboard Overview
  • Add and Remove a Dashboard Widget
  • Activate Trial Essentials License
  • Domain Policy Creation
  • Domain Profile Deployment
  • Updating Firmware
  • Creating Server Pools
  • Server Policy Creation
  • Server Profile Deployment
  • Server Profile Template Deployment
  • Virtual Media Using OS Links
  • Installing VMware ESXi
  • Accessing the KVM and Installing an Operating System
  • Submitting Feedback and Further Information