Operating NetDevOps (NDO-303)

You are a member of the operations team. Your role will be to fully utilize the NetDevOps process when performing network moves, adds, and changes. You will master the CI/CD pipeline. You will transition from command line management, to model-driven network management. You will also develop skills in network deployment testing using CML. This class includes Cisco Modeling Labs essentials.

Course Information

Price: $2,795.00
Duration: 3 days
Learning Credits:
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CCNA or equivalent job experience


Target Audience:

  • Network Administrators
  • Administrators interested in Automation
  • CCNA’s interested in Network Automation


Course Objectives:

  • Learn to run an existing, fully operational MDD network
  • Transition skills from command line to Model driven network management
  • Learn to modify the Source of Truth
  • Write the Validation Schema
  • Run Test Scenarios


Course Outline:

Comprehensive Overview of NetDevOps Workflow

  • Lecture: Revisiting NetDevOps principles with a focus on change management
  • Lecture + Lab: The role of CI/CD pipelines in managing network changes

Writing Network Changes with Ansible and GitLab

  • Lecture + Lab: Structuring Ansible playbooks for network configuration changes
  • Lecture + Lab: Version control for network changes using Git and GitLab
  • Lecture + Lab: Developing and committing a network change

Integrating Source of Truth with Network Changes

  • Lecture + Lab: Ensuring data accuracy in documentation and databases
  • Lecture + Lab: Dynamic inventory management with Netbox
  • Lecture + Lab: Querying and updating the Source of Truth in response to network changes

Testing Network Changes

  • Lecture: Strategies for effective testing of network configurations
  • Lecture + Lab: Utilizing Cisco Modeling Labs (CML) for pre-deployment testing
  • Lecture + Lab: Workshop: Creating test cases and simulating network changes in CML

CI/CD Pipeline for Network Change Deployment

  • Lecture + Lab: Deploying changes through the CI/CD pipeline
  • Lecture + Lab: Utilizing AI validation methods in the CI/CD pipeline
  • Lecture + Lab: Incorporating automated tests and approval processes
  • Lecture + Lab: Deploying and monitoring a network change

Rollback Strategies and Operational Continuity

  • Lecture: Principles of Network Change Rollback
  • Lecture: Importance of rollback in network operations
  • Lecture: Understanding rollback strategies for network changes
  • Lecture + Lab: Version control for rollback code using Git
  • Lecture + Lab: Implementing automated tests for rollback effectiveness
  • Lecture + Lab: Workshop: Testing rollback code in Cisco Modeling Labs (CML)

Operationalizing Network Changes and Rollbacks**

  • Lecture: Best practices for operationalizing changes and rollbacks
  • Lecture + Lab: Scenario-based exercises: Handling unexpected network issues

Best Practices Recap

  • Lecture: Review of change management and rollback strategies in NetDevOps
  • Lecture: Open discussion on implementing learned skills in real-world networks