NetDevOps Business Analysis (NDO-301)

This two-day course is designed for business analysts tasked with evaluating the feasibility, costs, and benefits of implementing a NetDevOps program for network automation. While technical vocabulary will be addressed, the core focus will be on management principles, including deployment decisions, budgeting, staffing, and overall effort calculation. The goal is for participants to leave with a clear framework for forecasting manpower, effort, costs, and expected rewards associated with deploying NetDevOps in their organization. 

Course Information

Price: $1,995.00
Duration: 2 days
Learning Credits:
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Target Audience:

  • Project Managers
  • Sr. Management
  • Business Analysts
  • CIO
  • Technical Team Leads


Course Objectives:

  • Analyze NetDevOps effort for your organization
  • Calculate budget requirements
  • Estimate timelines
  • Calculate risk vs reward


Course Outline:

Introduction to NetDevOps

  • Lecture: What is NetDevOps?
  • Lecture: Overview of the MDD network automation process
  • Lecture: Benefits of adopting NetDevOps

Key Components of a NetDevOps Program

  • Lecture: Overview of essential tools and technologies (Ansible, Git, Netbox, Cisco Modeling Labs)
  • Lecture + Lab: Understanding their roles and how they integrate within a NetDevOps pipeline

Assessing Your Organization’s Readiness

  • Lecture + Lab: Identifying prerequisites for NetDevOps implementation
  • Lecture + Lab: Analyzing current network infrastructure and practices

The Business Impact of NetDevOps

  • Lecture + Lab: How NetDevOps affects network reliability, agility, and security
  • Lecture: Case studies: Success stories and lessons learned

Establish Planning Speadsheet

  • Lecture + Lab: Spreadsheeet analysis of establishing readiness
  • Lecture + Lab: Speadsheet analysis of network devices
  • Lecture + Lab: Circuit and interface records
  • Lecture + Lab: Skills assessment

Planning Your NetDevOps Implementation

  • Lecture: Setting goals and defining scope
  • Lecture + Lab: Identifying required resources and skills

Calculating Costs and Forecasting ROI

  • Lecture: Understanding the cost components of a NetDevOps implementation
  • Lecture + Lab: Formulas for calculating deployment costs, ongoing operational costs, and ROI
  • Lecture: Factors affecting cost and ROI

Manpower and Effort Estimation

  • Lecture: Estimating staffing needs for deployment and ongoing operations
  • Lecture + Lab: Assessing the effort required for training and upskilling

Risk Management and Mitigation in NetDevOps Deployments

  • Lecture: Identifying potential risks and challenges
  • Lecture + Lab: Strategies for risk mitigation

Developing a Business Plan for NetDevOps Implementation

  • Lecture + Lab: Create the business plan for implementing NetDevOps
  • Lecture + Lab: Budget
  • Lecture + Lab: Staffing
  • Lecture + Lab: Timelines
  • Lecture + Lab: Expected benefits.