Design, Configure & Manage Networks Using Thousand Eyes (1000EYES)

Cisco Thousand Eyes is a security platform that provides real-time visibility into the activities of users, devices, and networks. It provides the ability to detect and respond to threats quickly and efficiently. This solution helps to perform root cause investigation when troubleshooting the network issue.

During this 3-day training, you will learn how to design the Cisco Thousand Eyes solution for an enterprise network. You will learn to install, configure, and manage the Cisco Thousand Eyes agents with diverse test types.

Course Information

Price: $3,695.00
Duration: 3 days
Learning Credits:
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Before taking this course, it would be good to have exposure to the following:

  • Network Fundamentals
  • Network Security Fundamentals
  • Endpoint Agents


Target Audience:

  • Network Administrators
  • Network Engineers
  • Solution Architects
  • Sales Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • Anyone who wants to learn about real-time security visibility platform


Course Objectives:

With a mix of hands-on labs and interactive theory sessions, you will learn to:

  • Configure Cisco Thousand Eyes agents to work with your organization's network
  • Improve network management by integrating, implementing and operating the Thousand Eyes solution
  • Observe the overall network with Thousand Eyes monitoring tools and improve the administration of the system
  • Identify root cause analysis for a network issue when troubleshooting
  • Create personalized dashboards and reports


Course Outline:

Course Outline

  • Understanding digital experience challenges
  • Introduction to Cisco Thousand Eyes
  • Understanding Thousand Eyes Monitoring
  • Explain Evidence and Escalate model
  • Inside-out and Outside-In Use cases
  • Understanding the solution components of Thousand Eyes
  • Types of Cisco Thousand Eyes agents
  • Cloud Agent
  • Enterprise Agent
  • End Point Agent
  • Understanding Enterprise Agent
  • Requirements
  • Deployment options
  • Steps to follow for agent deployment
  • Understanding Thousand Eyes test types
  • Describe different test types
  • Layer 3 Tests
  • Web Layer Tests
  • Voice Layer Tests
  • DNS Tests
  • Understanding how TEST nesting works
  • Describe End Point Agent Tests
  • Understand the in-built Thousand Eyes Dashboards
  • Building Customized Dashboards
  • Understanding the default reports
  • Building the custom reports
  • Understanding Alerts
  • Generating and Sharing of TEST Data
  • Describe Cisco Thousand Eyes Snapshot feature
  • Describe Cisco Thousand Eyes API
  • Thousand Eyes Account Administration


LAB Exercises

  • Navigating through the ThousandEyes Portal
  • Creating BGP Test
  • Verification of BGP Test
  • Web and Page Load Test using Cloud Agents
  • Configuring Network Test
  • Deploying Enterprise Agent
  • Deploying ThousandEyes Virtual Appliance Enterprise Agent
  • Configure and Validate DNS Test
  • Configure and Validate Voice Test
  • Deploying and Verifying Endpoint Agent on a client machine
  • Configuring End Point Agent Test
  • Configuring and Validating Alerts
  • Building Quick View Dashboards
  • Generate different ThousandEyes Reports
  • General Account Administration