API Programming for Contact Center

In this course we will lay a solid foundation in API concepts, exploring RESTful architecture, common programming languages, API anatomy, and security mechanisms. We will equip you with essential tools like Postman and CURL to interact with APIs effectively, and delve into data encoding formats such as XML, JSON, and YAML. With Python as our primary language, we will cover its basics, data types, variables, strings, branching, looping, and code structuring. You will gain hands-on experience in authenticating with APIs, working with JSON, and explore the Webex Contact Center API's functionalities. By the course's end, you will possess the skills to work with APIs, manipulate JSON data, and confidently engage with the Webex Contact Center API.

Course Information

Price: $1,995.00
Duration: 2 days
Learning Credits:
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Basic computer literacy


Target Audience:

  • Contact Center solution specialists
  • Support/Quality teams
  • Webex Partner systems engineers


Course Objectives:


Course Outline:

What is an API?

  • Defining an API
  • Restful API’s
  • Common languages used with API’s
  • Anatomy of a typical API
  • Common Security mechanisms with API’s
  • API Tools
    • Postman
    • CURL
    • Others
  • Data Encoding
    • XML
    • JSON
    • YAML
  • The Git Protocol

Introducing Python

  • Python Overview
  • Python Basics
  • Packages and how to install them
  • Lab – Setup Python on your computer

Python Programming – Basic Math and Printing

  • Numerical Operators
  • Print Command
  • Input Command
  • Debugging with Print
  • Comments
  • Lab – Making your first Python Script

Python Programming – Data Types, Variables and String Basics

  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • String Basics
  • Lab – Printing, Variables and Debugging a Python Script

Python Programming – Manipulating Variables

  • Packing Variables
  • Unpacking Variables
  • f-strings
  • Lab – Working with Variables in Python
  • argv
  • Lab – Working with argv

Python Programming -Lists, Dictionaries and Tuples

  • Lists
  • Dictionaries
  • Tuples
  • Lab – Working with Lists and Dictionaries

Python Programming -Branching Logic and Looping Logic

  • If-else
  • for loops
  • while loops
  • Lab – Working with Branching and Looping logic

Python Programming – Structuring Code

  • Function
  • Lab – Working with Branching and Looping logic

Python Programming – Authenticating with an API

  • Base64
  • Token
  • Webex Connect Authentication
  • Webex Contact Center Authentication
  • Lab – Authenticate to Webex Contact Center

Python Programming – Working with JSON

  • JSON Structures and how they correlate to Python
  • Extracting data from JSON in Python (nested data)
  • Lab – Extract data from JSON data

The Webex Contact Center API’s

  • Tour of the Webex Contact Center API’s
  • Working with the Webex Contact Center API’s
  • Lab – Get Queue data from Webex Contact Center using Python