Cisco Webex Calling

By Ben Nguyen | 60 Min Video | Technical Level: Beginner

This video is a basic introduction to Webex Calling, including calling infrastructure, signaling, subscription, and supported devices. After watching this video, you will be able to identify the benefits of Webex Calling and gain insights on how this cloud calling solution works to fit your business needs.

Key Topics: 

  • What is Webex? – 1:07
  • What is Webex Calling? – 3:24
  • Station Types – 13:20
  • Supported Clients/Devices – 17:33
  • Easier Deployment of Devices – 19:57
  • Standard and Common Area Station Types – 27:04
  • Calling Applications – 28:47
  • App Features – 31:27
  • Site/Location Features – 33:01
  • Components – 36:05
  • Webex Calling Platform – 43:39
  • Architecture – 45:44




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Instructor Bio:

webex callingBenjamin Nguyen received his college education at the University of Utah from 2004–2010 studying Computer Science/Psychology. While at the University of Utah, he worked part-time as a Systems Administrator (IT) and was responsible for maintenance, monitoring, installation, and desk support. After being hired by Sunset Learning Institute in early 2011, Benjamin completed his training through the Sunset Learning Institute Instructor Specialization program which gave him experience with installation and configuring, operating and troubleshooting voice networks and medium-sized route and switched networks. He also has extensive experience teaching routing, switching, IPV6, BGP, QoS, and Communications Manager and VoIP technologies.

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